Welcome to IDC Membership

Membership is open to all diplomats- serving and retired.

Membership Benefit

Membership is open to all diplomats- serving and retired!



  • International Diplomatic Circle members shall have access to all privileges and facilities based on the class:

International Diplomatic Identity Card:

Diplomat Verification Code (DVC)

Member shall on application, be issued with an International Diplomatic Identity Card for appropriate use where applicable such as identification, claim of diplomatic discounts and franchise, use of VIP Lounges and attend diplomatic functions.

The card also contains Diplomat Verification Code which is unique to the card holder only.

To obtain the card, please simply indicate evidence by providing one of the followings plus a recommendation from a career diplomat:

a Diplomatic list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country with date, page and photocopy of the publication where your name was published.
b. Diplomatic list of your country of accreditation or your international organisation with date, page and photocopy of the publication where your name was published.
c. Copy of your diplomatic, official or standard passport.
d. attached copy of your recent passport photograph.

How to become member

Membership is open to all diplomats- serving and retired.

How to become a member:  Please, simply state your name, designation, home country, host country of accreditation or international organisation and email address as stated on the application form.

IDC Membership PIN

Member shall on application be issued with pins for general use and ceremonial occasions

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